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64 Audio logo64 Audio is a Portland, Oregon based custom in-ear monitor (IEM) manufacturer that is committed to making the finest, yet affordable products. In a world of expensive custom in-ear monitors, 64 Audio’s mission is to bridge the gap between price and quality. They also deliver sound the way it was always meant to be heard---bass sounds deeper, midrange is clearer, highs sound richer and lower volumes sound louder, which results in a way of relieving harmful in-ear pressures to help deliver a superior sound experience. 64 Audio features a second eardrum that miraculously absorbs harmful in-ear pressures to provide a safer listening experience. One of their priorities are to address the problem of future hearing damage, without telling you to turn your volume down; this will change the way you hear music, and not just now, but for decades to come. Go check them out and see why I decided to TRUSS them with the well-being of my future hearing!!!

Mapex logoMapex creates a series of drums and hardware specifically designed for aspiring, and professional, players who are in search of a no-nonsense, mid-priced drum set that is a breeze to tune and maintain.  They set out to solve one of the biggest headaches of being a drummer: the frustrations of tuning drums.  Along with a wide selection of cutting edge configurations and finishes, which are durable and easy to maintain, their artisans are determined to design and produce drums, and hardware, that can endure performance after performance; resulting in a drum kit that can be taken on stage, or into the studio, with complete confidence.  Mapex thrives and stands behind their motto, "LESS TUNING, MORE PLAYING!!!"  Go check out their breath-taking handy work and awesome performance to see why I decided to "TRUSS" Mapex with my allegiance and career!!!!

Domain Cymbals logoDomain Cymbals formerly Arborea Cymbals USA was established in 2013 owned and operated by Domaine Industries, LLC with the mission to create great quality cymbals for the working drummer. We set our focus on ensuring that our brand is supreme in craftsmanship, durability, playability and affordability. We offer a full line professional grade cymbals for drummers of all facet's. Our family oriented customer service style is the foundation of our company which enable's us to building success one customer at a time. We look forward to working with you, our VIP's.

Rich Sticks logoRich Sticks wants to bring back some old-school drumstick making and integrate it with some of the new, more modern processes. They strive to educate drummers about the process of making phenomenal drumsticks, which includes the Wood, Moisture Content, Wood Releases, Gains Moisture, Optimal Conditions, Wood Color, Markings, Weight, Pitch and Finishes of the drumsticks. Rich Sticks wants what is best for drummers and not what will make them more money or makes their job easier. They want to provide drummers with the best drumsticks possible at an honest price. I encourage you to come check out why my interest was heightened to "TRUSS" Rich Sticks!!!

Custom Rich Sticks Drumsticks

Cask Drum Craft logo

CASK DRUM CRAFT, where every snare drum created truly tells it's own story, which is created by the artist.  Every snare drum you see started as a customer's idea; then, by offering a wide range of exotic and variety of finishes, they collaborate with the artist and hand craft their ideal snare drum with some of the world's most exuberant hardwoods; which is why they are sought after by both musicians and collectors alike.  In the process the artist grows as a musician and Cask Drum Craft grows as a company.  Come and check out their work, then you'll see why I decided to   "TRUSS" Cask Drum Craft!!!